for Rabbits

A black rabbit laying next to a white rabbit

Jennifer Baker

Owner of Dinky and Winky

Our family had a great experience at Pets in Stitches! Our rabbits, Dinky and Winky, were so well-taken care of and I could tell the staff really cared about their well-being. The staff was so attentive to their needs, calling several times to check on them and exhibited a great deal of patience with answering our questions. When Dinky refused to drink after the surgery, the staff was great about seeing him quickly and attending to his medical needs. They were so kind to our sweet bunnies! I would definitely recommend Pets in Stitches to anyone, a 10+ all around!

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A blue, purple, and pink icon of a rabbit

Savannah Blanton

Owner of Zeus and Hera

We chose to have the rabbits neutered at Pets in Stitches because of the price. The estimate given to us was $200 cheaper than other estimates we received! I was very pleased with everything about Pets in Stitches! From the first time I called, the staff was polite, professional, and helpful. All of my questions were quickly answered and I was pleased with their willingness to get me an appointment within a week from when I called! The staff at Pets in Stitches even called more than once to check in on the rabbits to monitor their recovery! My husband and I don't have any more pets, but if we have more in the future, I know where we will be taking them for their spayed / neutered needs!

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