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Carter the cat sitting on the arm of a couch

Kate Bieri

Owner of Carter

We brought Carter here about a year ago for his neuter and rabies vaccine. Upon getting home we noticed Carter had been licking at the surgery site. With a quick photo text to the system at pets in stitches we were able to get back there right away to have Carter fitted for a cone. They took great care of my baby and were very sweet to my husband and I when we were worried. I would absolutely recommend Pets In Stitches to anyone needing affordable pet care.

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Courtney, the cat, laying down on the ground belly up

Kathy Browning

Owner of Courtney

Hello! Doctor R I truly appreciate your giving me your truthful opinion of my Cat, Courtney's condition and the options available and your recommendation to see Dr. Hard at MedVet to get the oncology opinion from her also. Yesterday was our appointment with Dr. Hard. I am awaiting some test results, but the doctor was able to give me several facts and options already. I thank you for your caring hands and experience at my appointment with you and for the surgery you initially performed on Courtney when her first lump appeared on her tail. I very much appreciate your high quality services at a lower cost that helps people who cannot afford what most doctors charge for the same services. I have been recommending you and your unique business and spotlessly clean facility to whoever brings up their pet's needs to me.

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Vanessae, the cat, up in the christmas tree

Katherine Unrath

Owner of Vanessa

10. I was recently clearing out messages on my answering machine and was touched to listen, once again, to a past call (1+ year ago?) from your staff asking how Nessa was doing after her surgery. That to me just showed exceptional customer service and was unexpected and much appreciated. It was during covid and drop at curb so you handled it better than anyone could have. Staff, once again, was reassuring that Nessa would be cared for. I didn't shop around. I think i had our 8 year old cat Carson fixed by you years ago and was completely satisfied. I had learned about your clinic from Dr. Rastetter who way back then would sometimes perform walk in vet services at our local pet supplies plus. I think my previous vet (who was house calls only) also had recommended you.

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A blue, purple, and pink icon of a cat

Elisabeth Fitzhugh

Director at Blue’s Mews Siamese Cat Rescue

Thank you to Dr. Rastetter and the Pets in Stitches staff for the excellent support and care provided for Blue’s Mews Siamese Cat Rescue kitties. We spay and neuter all of our adoptable kitties. We especially choose Pets in Stitches when we have medically difficult cases and when we have emotionally fragile cats, because the combined level of professional service, gentle nursing care, and post-surgical support are outstanding. Blue’s Mews Siamese Cat Rescue also sends our most our potentially difficult patients to Pets in Stitches because we have absolute confidence in Dr. Rastetter’s ability to handle any situation. We are proud to recommend Pets in Stitches to our collaborative rescue clients as an affordable resource for concerned citizens helping stray and feral cats, as well as an excellent choice for unaltered owned pets.

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A black cat laying down under a red quilt

Chris & Amanda Guarniere

Owner of Cricket

We were so thrilled with the services at Pets in Stitches! I would absolutely recommend you (with a 10!) to friends for spay and neuter services. I loved the fact that I was sending my cat to a veterinarian who specialized in these procedures and had a lot of experience and great recommendations. I was pleased that I was able to meet the doctor briefly before leaving my cat in her care. Your customer service and website are excellent, and honestly the reason why I chose to bring my cat to your clinic! I appreciated the detailed aftercare instructions and follow up phone call. Cricket healed well and is doing great! Thanks for the excellent care.

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A blue, purple, and pink icon of a cat

Dawn Bucy

Owner of D.C.

Your service was exemplary. We rescued a cat that was thrown out by a neighbor. I was completely overwhelmed taking in D.C. It was not in our budget to take him in. Taking on another mouth to feed and yet more responsibility for me completely overwhelmed me and the stress was huge, I was in tears everyday. Wondering how to set an example to my children regarding our responsibility toward animals and how I could possible take on another pet and another huge expense, seemed way to much at the time and really affected me. One of your employees really took the time twice to talk to me at length and help me get through that very difficult first week with D.C. She said all the right things, addressing my emotions regarding D.C., and she also talked to me at length about cat care, behavior and needs. I have never had a cat and knew nothing about them which also added to my stress. I am overjoyed to say now that D.C has settled in purr-fectly and we love him dearly.

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