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An all white cat sitting next to a brown and white cat in front of a window

Mike and Kathy Scinto

Owners of Spooky and Blaze

We brought our two nine month old kittens, Spooky and Blaze to be spayed recently. The hair has grown back and the tiny scars have faded but we felt the need to touch base with you and respond to an inquiry. You asked us in a survey, as do most good businesses, to see how your services were performed. One of those questions asked about my recommendation of your service to others on a scale of 1-10, worst to best. I would, and have repeatedly, recommended you as a 10 PLUS to colleagues, readers, family and friends. I would not hesitate returning, or telling anyone else to use you. You asked about our likes or dislikes about the services performed. If I were going in for plastic surgery to repair an injured part of my body, a general practitioner could probably perform the task to some degree. But my choice would be, not a doctor who COULD repair my body but a doctor who does nothing BUT those kinds of repairs. And that’s the reason we chose Pets In Stitches. While almost all veterinarians will spay and neuter, why not go to one who does nothing else and does it with precision? From the first phone call I made with questions until the final “How are your kitties doing?” phone call from the staff, the services were outstanding. Being a worrier by nature I called to check progress and later to ask a post-surgery question when we arrived home. It was as if it was our personal staff! We were kept totally informed and we loved it! And I truly like that you Dr. Rastetter, not staying behind the curtain until “show time” as some veterinarians do, were right there involved in all aspects of our visit. You asked what you could do to improve your services. You are more than affordable in fees charged, more than knowledgeable and skilled, more than simply caring and more than the total package. So the answer is that there’s nothing you could do to serve better. You are simply the best! And we thank you, as do Spooky and Blaze! These feelings are sincere (and I am known for NOT sugarcoating or playing to emotions) and from inside.

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A light grey tabby cat laying on a floral pillow

Brandy Flack

Owner of Karma

I certainly will recommend Pets in Stitches to anyone looking for affordable, professional spaying and neutering services. Dr. Rastetter and her team make the experience as pleasant as possible for both pets and their people. A friend recommended Pets in Stitches, and we were contacted within 24 hours of using the website to make an initial request for reservation. The drop-off and pick-up were seamless, and we were given detailed instructions before and after the procedure. There were just enough post-surgery meds to take the edge off Karma’s healing incision, and he was back to his normal behavior within a few days. The follow-up communication was also excellent – I e-mailed Dr. Rastetter a photo of Karma’s incision just to make sure it looked normal, and I received an all-clear reply within a couple of hours. The follow-up phone call was also a nice touch. Dr. Rastetter and her team deserve a huge hats-off for doing this important work in such a caring, responsible way.

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A tabby cat laying on it side in a red chair

Kiah Puth

Owner of Lucy

Lucy is doing well and healing up just fine! I would absolutely recommend Pets in Stitches to a friend, so I’ll say 10. I loved that it was a cheaper spaying surgery than I’d found elsewhere, that I was able to have the surgery done within 2 days of calling (especially since Lucy was in heat and driving me and my other cat up the wall), and that you were able to take a look at Lucy when I was freaking out that one morning when I found swelling. You responded so quickly to my emails with pictures of the swelling, asking me to come in so you could make sure that everything was okay with Lucy. Everyone there was very nice and prompt and it felt like a very warm, friendly atmosphere. Thank you so much.

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A small, black kitten laying on his back with one arm up in a man's hands

Lacey Conrad

Owner of Mini, The Lazy Cat

Thanks for a job well done! Pets In Stitches was absolutely the best choice for my pet’s needs. My male cat, Mini, had recently begun marking his territory so I needed to get him into surgery ASAP! The other vets I contacted wanted to schedule a pre-surgery consultation which would only cost more time and money, but then I called Pets in Stitches-they were able to take Mini without a consultation and even had openings within a few days of calling. I was able to print out the necessary paperwork from their website and only had to drop Mini off the morning of the surgery with minimal wait time. The staff was very professional and friendly, and the facility was bright and clean. They did a quick check up to make sure he was healthy enough for surgery (if you have doubts as to your own pet’s health, you should probably see a traditional vet…) and Mini was out of surgery even earlier than promised. The staff went over his after care with me in detail and answered my questions very knowledgeably. They even called the next day to check on him. Overall I was extremely impressed with our experience and I would definitely recommend Pets in Stitches to anyone whose pet needs spaying/neutering. Would I recommend PiS? Yup! 10/10. What would I change? Not a thing. They were awesome!

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A medium haired cat laying on its side, playing with keys

Amanda Smith

Owner of Tootsie

I would absolutely recommend Pets In Stitches to anyone I meet… and I already have! I recommended Pets In Stitches to all of my friends on Facebook, as well as many family members and friends. I was so blown away with how incredible the services and staff were for the price that I wanted to shout it from a rooftop! When I took Tootsie to Pets In Stitches, I was instantly impressed with how friendly and professional the staff was. When I went to pick her up, the entire staff (especially Amy, the veterinary assistant) was admiring how sweet she was, and telling me about how they’d had her out to cuddle her and let her walk around. This instantly blew me away… I loved that the staff were true animal lovers, and made sure the animals felt safe and happy during their recovery. What truly amazes me is how high the quality of the veterinarian, staff, and procedures are for such an affordable price. I took my other cat to my full service veterinarian to be spayed about a year ago. Her recovery was slow, her incision was large, and she was out of it for a day or two… also, it was quite expensive. My experience with Tootsie at Pets In Stitches was the total opposite… she was bright-eyed and awake the second they brought her out to me at pick-up. The moment she came home, she was happy, eating, playing, and acting as if nothing had happened. It was hard keeping her contained because of how great she felt! It’s as if she didn’t even know she had major surgery. Her incision was so incredibly tiny that at two weeks post-op, I can hardly find it. All of this shows the skill and expertise Dr. Rastetter and her staff have. I cannot thank you enough for how well you treat all of the animals that come into your facility… you have a customer for life! I can’t say I’ve ever been this impressed with a veterinary facility in my entire life… I can’t wait to tell everyone about Pets In Stitches!

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