Cat Mating Season

March 24, 2021

kittens in a basket

With the arrival of Spring comes warm weather, longer days and kittens! Lots and lots of kittens. The cat mating season is upon us, so how can we best tend to the health and wellness of our cats during this time?

Understanding the Reproductive Cycle of Cats

What Does Being “In Heat” Mean?

Simply put, being in heat is another term you can use for your cat being in oestrus, which means your female cat can become pregnant. Reproductive cycles in cats begin once your kitten reaches puberty, and, depending on your breed, that can range anywhere from 4-10 months of age. 

When Is Cat Mating Season?

Did you know that cats are seasonal breeders? Cats only enter their reproductive cycle at certain times of the year. Typically, the mating season of cats begins at the very start of Spring, lasting until early Autumn. 

The Benefits of Spaying Your Cat

There are numerous health benefits to having your cat spayed. Spaying your cat means they become sterile, and this procedure can lessen their risk for cancer and infections. 

The main reason many individuals schedule spaying appointments is to keep the cat population under control. Generally speaking, cats are pregnant for around 60 days, and can become pregnant again 3-4 weeks after birthing their litter! No wonder this procedure is popular! 

At Pets in Stitches, we provide a service called Flank Spays, and it’s a great option instead of your traditional spay procedure. 

What Are Flank Spays and What Are The Benefits? 

A common issue we face, when spaying cats, is that mother cats can become pregnant again before her current litter is fully weaned. When performing a traditional spay procedure, veterinarians have to wait until the kittens have finished nursing, since the procedure when the incision is on the abdomen underside is difficult for mother cats to heal from and can inhibit kittens from feeding. 

However, flank spays offer a less invasive, gentler option that takes into consideration the nursing mother. By accessing the ovaries through a small incision on the abdomen, we are able to bypass delicate mammary tissue and complete the procedure without disrupting the nursing mother from feeding her kittens. 

While we love and adore all furry friends, we also know that performing spaying procedures is a simple and accessible way to keep the cat population healthy and under control.

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