Low Stress Handling for High Success Rates

September 27, 2021

cat laying down being petted

Mirroring Emotions

Pets can pick up on human moods. When you have had a bad day, you might notice your dog may be extra affectionate. Or when you are angry, your cat might go into hiding. We take pets’ intuition into consideration when they’re in our care. Low stress handling is what this thoughtful method is labeled.

Tailored for Each Pet 

A one-size-fits-all approach is not appropriate when handling our patients. We gauge the temperament of each furry friend and adjust our behavior accordingly. This is when having animal behavior experience is especially helpful. Our team has an extensive understanding of body language interpretation. With low stress handling of cats and dogs, each pet receives individualized treatment at Pets In Stitches.

Calm & Quiet

To begin, we approach the pet patient calmly and quietly. We are aware that our body language, tone, and energy can drastically affect how the pet will respond. Low stress handling of cats might look like slow movements and gentle pressure. Whereas low stress handling of dogs can consist of a non-threatening approach and a lower tone of voice.

Case by Case 

Feeling restrained can upset some pets. In this case, a “less is more” approach can be successful by using minimal restraint. Sometimes even just having the owner present can help comfort the pet.

Measures We Take

To make sure your pet feels safe and secure, we have some specific protocols in place. 

Here at Pets in Stitches, we:

  • Put cats and dogs in separate wards to minimize stress
  • Play music and use pheromones to create calm
  • Adjust anesthetic drug protocol to tailor to the pet’s anxiety level

Slow & Steady

Patience is key. Low stress handling means we never force anything—we want the pet to always have a choice. We use lots of positive reinforcement to put the pet at ease. In the end, it is all about creating a soothing experience to set up a successful recovery.

Come. Stay. Heal.

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