Cheers to That! Pets In Stitches’ Top 5 Blogs of 2019

January 23, 2020

As we move into a new year, you may have been bombarded by the social media storm. In addition to all the marketing, marking the passage of time often happens at this time of year when we see all those past pictures of children and babies, or sometimes a picture of our pet from earlier in the year. 

Regardless of how you ring in the new year, we are honored to have been a part of your pet’s care this past year. Without our clients and patients, we wouldn’t get to do what we love to do best – care for animals and their people. 

One way we hope to contribute to your efforts to take great care of your pets is through our pet care blog. Sharing relevant, educational and timely pet health information  is our pleasure. If you have ideas for topics that might be of interest to other pet owners, please let us know at your next visit, or give us a call.

Without further ado, we present our top blogs of 2019, and we hope you can take a few minutes to enjoy!

Pets In Stitches’ Top 5 Blogs of 2019

5. The Heavy Truth About Feline Obesity
Is your cat fat? If so, he’s not alone. According to The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, 60% of American felines are overweight or obese. It can be easy to think a few extra pounds on your kitty just adds to his cuteness factor. It can’t be that big of a deal, right? Meow?

4. Reason Versus Impulse: A Glimpse Into Why Dogs Eat Poop
There are plenty of quirky behaviors specific to dogs, but quite possibly the most disgusting among them is eating poop, otherwise known as coprophagy. While this behavior is 100% normal, the fact that dogs eat poop can place owners at odds with their best friends. Get the Scoop!

3. A Smart Approach to a Big Problem: The Advantages of Flank Spays in Cats
Spring is in the air, and so are kittens. Heaps and heaps of kittens. At Pets in Stitches, we know this time of year is kitten season, and while those fluffy balls of fur are a lot of fun, they can be too much of a good thing. Spaying and neutering play an important role in cat population management. By providing the option of flank spays in cats, we can help to keep the kitty count under control. Read more…

2. Innie or Outie? Umbilical Hernias in Pets
Most of us probably haven’t thought much about it, but pets have belly buttons just like we do. As mammals, they are connected to their mother during pregnancy through an umbilical cord that falls off after birth. The belly button, or umbilicus, is typically just a cute little scar. Sometimes, though, umbilical hernias in pets can cause problems. Continue…

1. Great in Theory, Retractable Leashes Can Actually Be Dangerous
Retractable leashes aren’t really leashes at all. Instead, a plastic handle conceals a nylon cord wrapped around a spring loaded device. A button on the handle helps control the amount of cord. While this is attractive for many pet owners that want to give their dogs more freedom, retractable leashes can create risky situations to both people and pets. Keep reading…

Thank You For A Great Year!

Our pet owner friends continue to amaze and impress our staff at Pets In Stitches. You are some of the most caring and responsible people we know. Thank you for a great year, and we look forward to serving you in 2020!


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