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Babies Having Babies: Why Spaying Your Kitten is Important

When we welcome a mischievous little ball of fluff into our heart, the last thing we are thinking about is that animal reproducing. However, cats can, and do, enter sexual maturity at a very young age. Feline owners need to be aware of their cat’s reproductive status and take responsibility for protecting their pet from …Read More

Beyond the Spay or Neuter: Hormone Sparing Pet Sterilizations

You have heard over and over to spay or neuter your pets, and there is good reason for this. The pet overpopulation problem is out of control, and there are documented health risks associated with unaltered pets. In recent years, however, it has come to light that removing the hormones from the pet may not …Read More

More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Cat Mating Season

Ahhh, spring is in the air. The air is warmer, flowers are blooming, and… the birds and the bees are in full swing. Cat mating season is upon us, and if you have an intact pet, or your yard is simply home to a feral population, you probably haven’t missed that fact. So what do …Read More

Pyometra Takes a Bite Out of Life!

Recently, thirteen-year-old, Sugar, was brought to Pets In Stitches when she faced a life threatening situation – pyometra. This means her uterus was infected. She had lost weight, energy, and appetite and death was knocking at her door. Her owners were distraught over the thought of losing their beloved companion. The infection in Sugar’s uterus …Read More

We Are Grateful For…

… dogs that exhibit warning signs of their stress. Such signs can be very, very subtle. Those veterinary professionals with years of experience will recognize such signals and respond appropriately to the patient. Some pet parents will not recognize these signs and sometimes are reluctant to accept that their pet needs special handling. Trust your …Read More

Ovary Sparing Spays and Vasectomies Now Offered!

Alternatives to traditional spay and neuter are here to stay! (A condensed version of a longer article by our Dr. Rastetter published in several national breed publications.) For many years the decision to neuter or leave a dog intact has rested on a foundation of science, dogma, and culture. Several recent peer-reviewed studies based on …Read More

Tattooing My Pet When Spayed or Neutered? Why?!

If your pet is spayed or neutered at Pets In Stitches, you’ll find out that we tattoo after surgery. Why though? It’s pretty simple… to save lives and prevent future surgeries. Scars left from a spay can be fairly small and slight – difficult to differentiate a scar from a spay, a healed scratch, or …Read More