Difficult Times: Coping With Pet Loss

Saying goodbye to a beloved pet can be one of the hardest things we ever do. Our society doesn’t place much importance on the grief process in general, especially when it comes to pet loss. We can feel isolated and lonely just at the time when we need the most support.  Pets In Stitches realizes …Read More

How To Tell If Your Pet Is Sick (And What To Do About It)

Of all the things we wish our pets could tell us perhaps “I’m not feeling well, and here’s what’s wrong” is at the top of the list. After all, we know when our pet is happy, feeling good, and thriving…don’t we?  Most of the time, the answer is yes. But pets are also masters at …Read More

Innie or Outie? Umbilical Hernias in Pets

Most of us probably haven’t thought much about it, but pets have belly buttons just like we do. As mammals, they are connected to their mother during pregnancy through an umbilical cord that falls off after birth. The belly button, or umbilicus, is typically just a cute little scar. Sometimes, though, umbilical hernias in pets …Read More

A Pain in the (R)ear:  All About Pet Ear Infections

Our animal friends suffer from ear infections too. Pet ear infections can be painful for the animal and frustrating for their caretakers. As pet lovers it is up to us to prevent them when possible, recognize them quickly, and treat them in an effective manner.  Pets in Stitches is here to help you help your …Read More

Plants, Foods, and Medicines, Oh My! Common Pet Toxins

We love our pets and want to take the very best care of them we can. We do everything we can to protect them – such as microchipping, parasite control, and making sure they’re up to date on their vaccinations (among other safety precautions). But even with all the care and concern we show our …Read More

The Truth of the Matter: Periodontal Disease In Pets

Your pet may not need to smile for the camera, but their teeth do matter. If left untreated, what you may think of as normal “doggy breath” can quickly progress to full blown periodontal disease.   Also known as dental disease, periodontal disease in pets is the progressive inflammation of the supporting structures of the …Read More

The Heavy Truth About Feline Obesity

Is your cat fat? If so, he’s not alone. According to The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, 60% of American felines are overweight or obese. It can be easy to think a few extra pounds on your kitty just adds to his cuteness factor. It can’t be that big of a deal, right? Sadly, that’s …Read More

Coming Out on Top: Pets In Stitches Top 5 Pet Care Blogs of 2018

As we wrap 2018 up with a bow, the time has come for us to take a look at Pets in Stitches’ mark on 2018 by way of our pet care blogs. The blog is a pleasure to write and publish, and we hope it provides you with useful information about Dayton pet care and …Read More

Overcharged or Undervalued? What is the Real Cost of Veterinary Care?

The cost of owning a pet seems to be constantly increasing. Even paying for routine items and services such as pet food, parasite prevention, and grooming can put a strain on one’s pocketbook. If you’ve been in to see us at Pets In Stitches, you know we offer an affordable alternative for routine services. However, …Read More

Affordable and Amazing: All About Our Veterinary Technology Teaching Program

Whether you’re a new client or you’ve been bringing your pet in to see us for years, you’re probably aware of the compassionate care and high level of service your pet receives each and every time they Pets In Stitches. However, did you know that in addition to being a state-of-the-art medical facility, we’re also …Read More