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A dog with black and white spots laying on the carpet in front of a fireplace

Kayleigh Crawmer

Owner of Blue

I would absolutely recommend Pets In Stitches to a friend- 10! After doing some research and reading lots of reviews about my options to have my dog Blue neutered, I finally choose Pets In Stitches and couldn’t be more pleased with the experience. I loved the fact that you were available through email to contact with any follow up questions or concerns- it was nice knowing I could count on a quick response! I liked the fact that your website provided lots of information about what the incision should and should not look like after the surgery. It helped me judge whether or not I should have any concerns- of which the incision looked great! Everything was great! You kept me well informed throughout the whole process. I would say that maybe if someone isn’t Internet or computer savvy, they might not feel they got the same level of care because they wouldn’t know all the great resources available to them, or how to access them! But no complaints on my part!

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A golden doodle sitting on grass outside looking to the left

Carolyn Taylor

Owner of Coco

I was VERY pleased with the service you gave to our goldendoodle, Coco. Your staff was exceptionally friendly, and answered ALL our questions with utmost courtesy. And when we walked in to the facility, the first thing I noticed was how clean and fresh everything looked . . . and smelled! Your pricing was up-front and very reasonable, too. We took Coco in for surgery on a Thursday, and during the weekend (on Sunday) we noticed a little swelling at her incision site. I called the cell phone number you left, just in case we had any concerns – and since it was early afternoon on Sunday, I really didn’t expect you to respond until Monday morning. To my surprise (and delight), you responded within the hour and set my mind at ease. Thank you for the care and follow up you gave to us. On a scale of 1-10, you definitely rate a 10! . . . and I would not hesitate to recommend you to any friends looking to have their pet spayed or neutered. Thank you for everything!

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A black lab with his tongue sticking out in a living room

Kira Wilson

Owner of Harley

10 for sure!!! I recommend PNS to everyone! I love the friendly staff, cleanliness of the clinic, and the excellent care you give my animals. You went above and beyond with my foster dog Otis as well when he had all those issues with his neuter (none of which was caused by his neuter. He was a shelter dog who couldn’t be confined so he had a difficult time healing). You were available to come in after hours to check on him, answered my emails promptly and gave me excellent advise. Thankfully Harley had no issues at all. My experiences with PNS have been perfect and beyond expectations. You provide excellent care with patience and understanding, attention to your customers needs and just the most wonderful veterinary experience I’ve ever had. I bring all of my foster dogs to PNS because the services you offer are not only affordable but the care they receive is beyond excellent. You give animal owners and rescues the opportunity to receive excellent care they wouldn’t otherwise get.

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A brown down laying on her belly on carpet under a wooden table

Kiera Wheeler

Owner of Kenza

We would definitely recommend “Pets In Stitches” to a friend. In fact, We’ve already made a few recommendations. Throughout the entire process, the staff were extremely nice and helpful. They even worked around my busy schedule when we had to reschedule two times. The staff at “”Pets in Stitches”” took care of Kenza as if she were their own! They even called to check on her the day following the procedure. We could not have imagined entrusting our pup to anyone else. Not to mention that the price of the entire procedure was a hundred plus dollars cheaper than our regular vet. Thank you so much Dr. Rastetter and the “Pets in Stitches” staff! Kenza is doing great!

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A small yorkshire terrier sitting down on a white blanket

Cindy Riley

Owner of Rocky

I would recommend Pets In Stitches – giving it a 10 on a ten point scale. Rocky is healed and happy, even though he was almost impossible to keep still. I was very happy with the way Rocky was treated. Everyone loved him and appreciated his loving personality. The follow-up calls were also greatly appreciated. I know you and your staff care for him as much as I do. It was convenient to be able to drop him off before work and the process was easy. I was grateful I could have the paperwork filled out before I got there so I was in and out. I was surprised to get a call he was ready to come home early. He hasn’t slowed down one bit. We appreciate all you have done for us!

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A large dog with black fur resting his head on a pillow

Jennifer Marcus

Owner of Simon

First of all we are so impressed with Pets in Stitches! They went above and beyond their job with my Simon! Our Simon is a bit of a free spirit. He came into to the office a bit nervous and was sure to let everyone know. We weren’t sure if we were going to be able to get his surgery done that day, but the great Dr. and nurses worked with us. I would rate them a 10, if I could rate them 100, then I would!!! There isn’t one thing I would think of that is wrong with this place. It’s clean, the staff and Dr’s are so professional and so nice! We are getting another Dane soon and he or she will be coming to this location!! We are happy customer’s!!! Thank you again!!!!

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A brown and white dog running through the snow with his tongue sticking out

Carey Dunn

Owner of Spot

I have used Pets In Stitches three times in the past. Cat and dogs, both male and female. I spread the word about your services often Dr. Rastetter ROCKS! Your business is very affordable, informative, convenient, extremely clean, and most of all the altering servives are impressive. All 3 of my pets surgery sites were done cleanly and with minimal scarring. I have come across some female dogs that have huge sloppy incisions that take longer to heal. The incision/scar on my female dog was so small, cleanly done, and healed perfectly. I like that your service is exclusive. My pets aren’t around sick, hurt, or boarded dogs as they would be at the traditional vet office. Attaching picture of a perfectly healed Spot.

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