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Chelsea Crider

Owner of Ernie

We were extremely happy with the quality of care and the low costs that accompanied it. Pets In Stitches was significantly cheaper than the local veterinarian, and after talking with Pets in Stitches, we felt comfortable with our decision to neuter our dog there. We were also able to get inexpensive heartworm medicine and vaccines. Ernie was well taken care of by a staff that truly has a heart for animals. Even with some complications after surgery (all our hyperactive dog’s doing), Pets In Stitches was always available to see Ernie. When Ernie couldn’t quite relax enough as he should to allow himself to heal, he was quickly seen back and taken care of when he busted his stitches. We had to bring him there three different times after surgery, all at no cost, and they were able to give him the medicine he needed which included anti-inflammatories. It helped drastically with his severe swelling and allowed him to heal properly. We give Pets In Stitches our highest recommendation, as does Ernie!

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Laura Blake

Owner of Hayden

It’s been a little over a month since surgery, Hayden had such a rocky road (and so did I) but I will recommend Pets In Stitches to everyone I know from here on out! There were so many things that could have gone wrong had I gone somewhere else that was less willing to commit to Hayden’s well being. Not only did they take great care of the issues with Hayden (including coming in on Thanksgiving weekend) but they handled my follow-up concerns with speed and sensitivity! Coming in on a holiday weekend and dealing with my various calls and questions made a very stressful situation significantly easier to deal with knowing that I had constant access to support. I can’t think of any reason to trust my dogs to anyone else!Pets In Stitches is steps above all other places I have gone! There is NOTHING better than somewhere that treats your pets like their own! Thanks so much!

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Dawn Eaton

Owner of JD

I chose to have JD neutered at Pets In Stitches due to the low cost, but still set in a clinical environment. Even though I know that the programs that are provided by other organizations are safe and sterile, I felt a lot more comfortable with him being in a vet type office environment just in case. The things that I liked about Pets In Stitches…there was many….everyone was friendly when we arrived which put us at ease, the appointment was made within the same week , JD did not have to stay overnight after the procedure, there were extras available like the pain pills and the e-collar. Afterwards, JD was able to get the outer layer of stitches open. There was an emergency number to call even though it was Saturday, and we were again put at ease. The next morning, Dr. Rastetter called to check again and give us instructions to keep him safe and asked that we bring him in the following day just to make sure he was doing ok. He was in and out the next day within five minutes and he was fine, and healed wonderfully.

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A black lab with a red collar standing up in the kitchen

Michelle Tidwell

Owner of Jett

We would definitely recommend Pets in Stitches to anyone. Matter of fact I already have. My sister in law will be bringing in her puppy this summer. Both my husband and I are medical as is my sister in law and all we had to tell her was that we gave your clinic two thumbs up and she was convinced. I think, for the most part, people trust opinions of those that have medical experience because we work in the industry and know what to look for. We liked your professionalism. Your receptionist was very courteous. She sounded like a genuine pet lover over the phone. She answered all my questions and seemed very informed. Your clinic was extremely clean and well kept. We really appreciated the care you gave Jett and loved that we could bring him home that afternoon. We appreciated that you yourself, Danielle, gave us the discharge instructions and left no stone unturned. I think your service of emailing daily pictures is a great idea. You can assess the incision on a daily basis and treat any potential problem before anything could get worse. Your clinic did such a wonderful job for such a reasonable cost and most important our Jett came out from the back wagging his tail. What more could one ask for? Needless to say we were totally impressed and satisfied. I can’t think of anything that would better our experience.

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A white and brown terrier laying down on a tan couch

Beth Ferrin

Owner of Lilly

Dr. Sue recommended Pets In Stitches as a low-cost but HIGHLY qualified facility. She also indicated that you had some of the newest equipment available. Pets In Stitches was very professional and did a great job! I was able to drop Lilly off on the way to work and pick her up that afternoon. They gave me all of the information I needed and called later to check up. I appreciated the timely service and kind staff.

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Tom Gluth

Owner of Lola

Lola has recovered beautifully. I would, without doubt or reservation, recommend Pets in Stitches to anybody needing spay/neuter services. I liked how the spay was a one day affair, which allowed me to only need one day off work. I appreciated the kind, friendly, and caring staff who showed no reservation or fear to a rescued pit bull. I told them she was friendly to people and they trusted my word – something most people won’t do around bully breeds and it made me comfortable and appreciative of their professionalism. I explained how she had been abused, starved, fought, and near death before I found her and stressed that she is very fearful of large dogs. They explained that she wouldn’t be left around other big dogs and detailed her movements and monitoring which was very reassuring. About 7-10 days post-op I brought her by to have her surgical site examined. The staff was friendly and welcoming about my nervousness and desire to make sure she was doing ok. She also earned the nickname “wiggle butt” on her second visit by the staff (I believe by Dr. Rastetter herself) because of how excited she was to see the staff again. I’m not sure I see room for improvement – the operation was same day drop off/pick up, her meds were ready and explained clearly to me when I arrived. The staff was very knowledgeable and friendly, and prices were good. Thanks again for the great and successful surgery!

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