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A small brown dog sitting in a bathroom sink

Marica Laning

Owner of Peanut

Peanuts did just fine! She had very little discomfort and never bothered her stitches in the least. She was up and about as normal almost as soon as we arrived home that day after surgery! he is a very active and happy little girl and continues to be. I would and have recommended Pets In Stitches because of the professional service and kindness of you, Dr. Rastetter. The facility was very clean and very modern and the reception we received that morning made me quite comfortable to leave Peanut in your care. Obviously you and your assistance love animals and were so gentle and welcoming to Peanut when we came, even though you had never met her! She never even looked back for me when you lovingly took her from me. The check in was simple and quick and I am enthusiastic about recommending your facility to anyone and everyone!! Thanks for all you do and I hope you are very successful because you deserve to be. Our beloved pets and their loving parents really need such a surgery center to entrust our babies to.

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A small yorkshire terrier looking backwards while standing in grass

Leslie Moorman

Owner of Razen

Absolutely I give you guys a 10 & I’ll definitely recommend you to everyone! I think what you’ve done for the animals is so important. It makes owners feel that they can afford to do the right thing for their pets. What I appreciated the most was the fact that Dr Rastetter made herself available to us when we came in. She answered our questions, and calmed our fears. The staff was knowledgeable & courteous…I loved the fact that they see hundreds of animals but could make me feel like my baby was the cutest thing they’ve ever seen! Can’t imagine what could’ve made our visit better…even our discharge was informative. When we left, we still felt that you would be easily accessible if we needed you.

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A large, brown dog playing tug-o-war with a black dog toy

Chealsie Moore

Owner of Ronan

As soon as we finished the paperwork and walked Ronan in he was greeted with love from the staff. When we picked him up they told us how good he was and how handsome, I am his mom so it’s nice hearing ;). They explained medications and what to look for if there were any issues in terms I could understand. A few days later they called to check his progress and asked if I had any questions. The veterinarian gave us her email address to contact her with questions 24/7. We did have a question about his incision and emailed her at 10 pm and had a response by 10:30pm. If we get Ronan a sibling I would not hesitate to bring him there. They all did a wonderful job.

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A small dog with longer, black hair laying in a white blanket

Sarah Anderson

Owner of Shadow

Shadow never stopped for a second after his surgery :-). He is all puppy, but at least now we know he won’t be trying to make any puppies. Not only would I ABSOLUTELY recommend Pets In Stitches to a friend, I already have. Any time a friend gets a new pet, I make sure to send them to Pets In Stitches. Dr. Rastetter is an amazing veterinarian and has not only treated the dogs in our dog rescue, but also one of the few vets I trust to care for my own dog. Pets In Stitches provides low cost procedures but there is nothing small about the care that my pet received. The super friendly staff treated my pet like their own. They were super attentive to my puppy, and it was reassuring to know they were easy to get a hold of after the procedure when I had questions. Being able to download and fill out all the paperwork ahead of time made drop off very easy.

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Patricia Merritt

Owner of Shiba

I live in California and was here visiting my family here in Ohio when my 10 month old puppy went into heat. Never wanting to experience THAT again, I was referred to your office by a friend of the family. From first contact, your staff was extremely helpful and informative, explaining the whole process and suggesting a date a few weeks later that my dog could be safely operated on. On that morning, your staff explained to me, in person, step-by-step, exactly what was going to take place and answered any questions I had. Later that day, after surgery, I picked my dog up and took her home to recover. Your staff kindly called to check in the next day.I missed their call the first day and meant to call them back, but they were on the phone to me before I even got that far! The concern and support of your staff was evident in every step of the process and to know that I could go to your website to seek visual confirmation that her surgery was healing correctly made me feel especially safe. I just wanted to thank your staff for making this major surgery one of the easiest things I’ve ever done. your excellent care resulted in a remarkably speedy and stressless recovery, (for both my dog AND I.) Now that it’s over , I realize that I am feeling a great sense of relief. I trusted you and you came through with what you promised: a reputable, safe, affordable, low-cost spay. Congratulations on your remarkable and stellar approach to such an important service.

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James Bell

Owner of Sissy

I chose to have my dog spayed at Pets In stitches because it was a much cheaper alternative than having it done at my main veterinarian. I saved almost $100.00 getting it done there. But I REALLY didn’t decide to have it done at Pets In Stitches until I heard from my sister – a Veterinary Technician at a Montgomery County Shelter – about the wonderful reputation that Dr. Rastetter had in the animal community. Normally you would expect to get less quality of service by choosing the cheaper option but not so with Pets In Stitches! I have gotten my other dog and cats fixed at my main veterinarian in the past. This was before Pets In Stitches was around. But now that I see how wonderful they are with the animals, I wouldn’t hesitate to go there again and have recommended others to do the same. I like the quality of the services I received. Even though my dog had a very unusual allergic reaction to her stitches, I felt confident in the abilities of Dr. Rastetter. She gave my pet attention over and above what I might have received from a veterinarian that did other work besides just spaying and neutering. I also appreciated the numerous calls I received from the office checking on the status of my dog’s recovery. It made me feel that someone actually cared about the well-being of my pet rather than just another customer to get a buck from.

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A rottweiler sitting outside in front of green foliage

Paulette Day

Owner of Tatyana

I have been looking for a local veterinarian for three years that offered the Ovary Sparing Spay procedure and Vasectomies. I contacted Dr. Rastetter with Pets In Stitches as soon I was forwarded her information. I also asked about her through various people and got nothing but high recommendations from everyone. To have these surgeries offered in the Dayton Ohio area is not only progressive, it is a good alternative to sterilization for our dogs. I am very grateful to Dr. Rastetter and the staff at Pets In Stitches for giving my beloved Tatyana a chance for higher quality of life by reducing the high risk of cancers, pyometra, and anterior cruciate ligament injuries with the Ovary Sparing Spay procedure.

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Tamara and Richard Lesley

Owner of Tawny

I want to thank you for being so warm and friendly when we first came into Pets In Stitches to have Tawny spayed. I would give your facility a 10 plus for the friendliest and cleanest environment that makes you feel comfortable enough to leave your pet for surgery. Your prices are more than fair and less expensive than all the veterinarians that I contacted. Your staff was very caring and friendly to Tawny who was a little apprehensive when we first walked in. I was surprised that you, Dr. Rastetter, personally came out and met Tawny and made us feel very comfortable that she was in your care. You even took her back to the operating room which I found very comforting. I was surprised that she walked out so easily and didn’t appear to be in pain. I was also relieved that you sent her home with pain pills so she wouldn’t suffer from any pain after surgery. We gave her one half pain pill as prescribed and she never acted as if she was in pain. I was very happy with her recovery as it only took her about four or five days to be back to her normal self. She healed quite quickly and her sutures were placed very nicely with a very small incision that really surprised me. I don’t think there is anything you could do to improve your facility or your ability to care so perfectly for our pets who are really our family members. The staff was very kind and caring. I felt very comfortable with leaving Tawny with you and was thrilled when she healed so quickly. I was very satisfied with your care and treatment of Tawny. Thank you so much for calling and checking on her progress and for the wonderful care that you gave her while she was in your care.

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A bullmastiff standing in the grass outside

Christine Spencer

Owner of Thor and Max

I loved the entire staff, as you could tell that they sincerely care about animals. My dogs are like my babies, so I made numerous calls into the office with questions/concerns. They were more than patient with me, answering every question when I called. I would also email and they responded very quickly. Not once did they act like I was a bother. They have someone on call for after-hours needs and if there are complications, they will come in on the weekend to tend to your pet. The prices are very reasonable for every service they offer. The facility is clean and accommodating, as they took very good care of my 165 lb. Mastiff. I wish that Pets in Stitches could be my dogs vet!!! I would recommend them to anyone!!!

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A black dog cuddling with a brown down on tan carpet

Andrea Honious

Owner of Cash, Diesel, and Zoey

I would give a 10 in every aspect! The customer service was great at drop off and pick up. When Cash did not seem to be healing well you were there when I needed you. I sent a picture by email at 8pm and asked what to do, I received a response in like an hour! It was great and we were able to email back and forth a few times and then you even squeezed me in first thing the next morning to check him out! I was completely shocked at the service provided and the great job you do. I appreciate everything and can’t thank you enough! I have now had 3 dogs fixed there (1 girl and 2 boys) and I would highly recommend! Thanks again, all 3 are doing great!!

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