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Kathy Maguire

Owner of Nuisance

I had Nuisance spayed shortly after she delivered a litter of seven kittens. The staff and veterinarian Dr. Rastetter were professional and understanding. They all seemed to care about her. Because she had recently delivered and was still nursing, they had to do a flank operation. I was a bit concerned, but she is recovering well and she fed her litter. I would highly recommend Pets In Stitches to anyone seeking services from them.

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Andy Stricklin

Owner of Oreo

Staff was very friendly and helpful. You don’t find this kind of customer experience in many places. I was really impressed to get a call a few days later to check on Oreo to make sure he was doing good. It was awesome. As you can tell from the attached image, Oreo has recovered nicely and is not afraid to show everybody how he looks after his surgery.

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Kristina Randolph

Owner of Otis

I really liked the drop off/pick-up times. They were very flexible and convenient for my work schedule. I also liked how they explained the procedure and important things to watch for before leaving. As a nurse I understand the signs of infection and when emergency help is needed but it’s always nice when it’s gone over and you get a chance to ask questions VS handed a paper and expected to figure it out on your own. I think that they did a fantastic job and I don’t have any complaints.

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Anna Schlotterbeck

Owner of Penelope

I loved that I could drop Penelope off in the morning before work and pick her up the same evening. All of the staff that I encountered were very friendly and helpful. Dr. Rastetter went over post-op instructions with me one-on-one when I came to pick her up. I felt confident that I knew what to look for in the days after surgery. Luckily, the surgery went fine for Penelope; she healed very quickly and is back to her playful self. Our experience was a great one. I can’t think of anything that could have been done differently to improve it.

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Robin Castle

Owner of Ronnie

We drove by the new facility and I went to the internet for more information. After calling and speaking with the people there, I was convinced we had made the right choice for Ronnie. The staff was very helpful friendly and caring. The price was a big factor and the fact when I called to make the appointment; they were able to get Ronnie taken care of and up-to-date on all her vaccinations. I would highly recommend Pets In Stitches. We have other cats we have taken to other places for surgery; but, Ronnie responded better than any of our other cats. Thank for the wonderful service and fair pricing. We are grateful to you. Ronnie says MEOW!

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Kathy Fulton

Owner of Rowdy and Whiskers

Both Rowdy and Whiskers were stray kittens we had been feeding and trying to find homes for. They came to the age where we needed to spay them for their safety and health. The county Humane Society referred me to Pets In Stitches. Since they were strays the low cost program was very attractive and we could get them in right away. The facility is very nice, professional, and clean. The staff was very helpful and caring. I felt good about leaving them there. They were very patient with me when I had questions and concerns and helped me work through those. The Pets In Stitches website is also very informative and professional looking I would definitely utilize your services again. Thanks for taking good care of Rowdy and Whiskers.

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Mike and Kathy Scinto

Owners of Spooky and Blaze

We brought our two nine month old kittens, Spooky and Blaze to be spayed recently. The hair has grown back and the tiny scars have faded but we felt the need to touch base with you and respond to an inquiry. You asked us in a survey, as do most good businesses, to see how your services were performed. One of those questions asked about my recommendation of your service to others on a scale of 1-10, worst to best. I would, and have repeatedly, recommended you as a 10 PLUS to colleagues, readers, family and friends. I would not hesitate returning, or telling anyone else to use you. You asked about our likes or dislikes about the services performed. If I were going in for plastic surgery to repair an injured part of my body, a general practitioner could probably perform the task to some degree. But my choice would be, not a doctor who COULD repair my body but a doctor who does nothing BUT those kinds of repairs. And that’s the reason we chose Pets In Stitches. While almost all veterinarians will spay and neuter, why not go to one who does nothing else and does it with precision? From the first phone call I made with questions until the final “How are your kitties doing?” phone call from the staff, the services were outstanding. Being a worrier by nature I called to check progress and later to ask a post-surgery question when we arrived home. It was as if it was our personal staff! We were kept totally informed and we loved it! And I truly like that you Dr. Rastetter, not staying behind the curtain until “show time” as some veterinarians do, were right there involved in all aspects of our visit. You asked what you could do to improve your services. You are more than affordable in fees charged, more than knowledgeable and skilled, more than simply caring and more than the total package. So the answer is that there’s nothing you could do to serve better. You are simply the best! And we thank you, as do Spooky and Blaze! These feelings are sincere (and I am known for NOT sugarcoating or playing to emotions) and from inside.

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Jennifer Schneider

Owner of Trixie

I had our young cat, Trixie, spayed at Pets in Stitches in April 2012 and I was very pleased with how well Trixie was cared for. She had a very quick recovery and they called & made sure she was doing well in the two weeks after the surgery. I would recommend this clinic to anyone looking to have a spay or neuter procedure done for their pet. The lower cost was great for our budget and the professionals at Pets in Stitches were easy to work with AND they took wonderful care of our kitty.

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Amy Brodbeck

Owner of Tyga

I chose Pets in Stitches because it was conveniently located close to my home, there were several times and days to choose from, the price was reasonable and the staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. The staff informed our family of the effects of the pain medication on my kitten after surgery, and what to expect. They were there if we needed to call after hours if we had any questions, and called us the next day to check on Tyga. She is our pride and joy, although she would say our dog is her pride and joy. Here she is for all the world to see. Thank you and your staff for your professionalism and kindness.

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Sarah Denny

Owner of Valerie

Thank you for taking such good care of her while Valerie was in surgery with you and for your continued concern for her well-being after the fact. She recovered quickly and has been doing great ever since. I would definitely recommend Pets In Stitches to anyone needing your services. I don’t know how the services could have been better. Valerie is our first pet and you made everything go so smoothly that I had, and still have, total confidence in your ability and desire to care for her. You and your staff did a great job! Thank you for checking back with us about her recovery; that means a lot.

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