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Medicine Cabinet Dangers for Pets

Pets can get into things that are unhealthy or even toxic. Eating that pan of chocolate brownies cooling on your stovetop, helping themselves to the garbage, or finding old mouse bait in the garage are easy ways to earn a trip to the animal emergency room. Sometimes, though, pets are unintentionally harmed by items given …Read More

When Three Legs are Better Than Four: Pet Limb Amputations

When a pet loses a limb, we, as humans, can be flooded with emotions like grief and pity. In reality, pet limb amputations can bring positive changes to the lives of our beloved animals when indicated. When needed, pet limb amputations can improve an animal’s quality of life, and at Pets in Stitches nothing is …Read More

A Spotlight On Post Surgical Pet Care

Surgeries are an unpleasant, but necessary, part of life for people and pets. The days and weeks following any surgery are an important time of rest and recovery, and having a devoted caretaker at home is absolutely essential for proper healing to occur. We take post surgical pet care seriously at Pets In Stitches, which …Read More

Focus on Pet Dental Care

The body is amazing. The more we learn about it, the more apparent it becomes that everything is interconnected. Our health needs all the individual pieces to be healthy and cared for. And, this includes your pet’s teeth and gums. Pets in Stitches believes in proactive health care for our patients, and we are happy …Read More

Taking Your Lumps: All About Pet Mass Removals

Any time a new lump or bump arises on a pet, it is cause for concern. Not only are they unattractive, they can also be bothersome for the pet. Some may even be cancerous. The cornerstone of treatment for many types of growths on pets is surgical removal. Depending on the size and location of …Read More

Breeding Like Rabbits: A Primer on Rabbit Reproduction

No other species is quite so noted for their ability to reproduce as the rabbit. However, while it may seem like rabbits only exist to make more rabbits, this is far from true. Moreover, when we bring these wascally fur-friends into our homes as pets, it’s just as important that we curb their “natural tendencies” …Read More

A Smart Approach to a Big Problem: The Advantages of Flank Spays in Cats

Spring is in the air, and so are kittens. Heaps and heaps of kittens. At Pets in Stitches, we know this time of year is kitten season, and while those fluffy balls of fur are a lot of fun, they can be too much of a good thing. Spaying and neutering play an important role …Read More

Eye, Eye, Cap’n! Pet Eye Surgeries at Pets in Stitches

The eyes are said to be the windows to the soul, and anyone who has stared into the deep, warm eyes of an animal friend can testify to that. Eye problems are not uncommon in pets, which is why Pets in Stitches is sure to offer several pet eye surgeries to help our patients. Keep …Read More

A Pain in the…Bladder? Urinary Problems in Pets

Some pet problems are more common than others, and urinary issues rank at the top of the list of frequently diagnosed ailments. Unfortunately, urinary problems in pets can be bothersome, painful, and can lead to more serious problems. The team at Pets in Stitches want our clients to be able to recognize urinary problems early, …Read More

Your Pet, Our Priority: Pets in Stitches’ Top 5 Blogs of 2017

It’s been quite a year! As we look back through the archives, we’re thrilled to have had so many new and ongoing opportunities to connect with members of our pet-loving community. As you probably know, Pets in Stitches are passionate about pets and always strive to share what we know with our clients via our …Read More